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People with Common Sense

Throughout history people with common sense have suffered as a consequence of the actions of stupid people. It has also been known that stupid people have suffered due to their own stupid actions.

People who decide to play football while attempting to ski; people who like to fall asleep while they are cooking; people who don't know how to punch a proper voting ballot; people who leave their engine running while they are trying to fill the gas tank - all these people have caused unnecessary suffering and distress in one way or another.

If stupidity is eradicated then so will unnecessary stress and suffering. The economy will boom.

It is necessary to eradicate stupidity. By doing so, some of the world population will inevitably be destroyed - but that can only be a good thing - as it will keep the planet from over-populating.

Please support this nobel cause. Think of your children's future. Your future.

Please sign this petition stating that you are in favor of placing stupid people at the corner of a busy intersection and letting them try to cross the street. If by any chance any of these stupid people make it across the street safely, you agree that they should be placed in the middle of a NASCAR race track while cars speed over them. Further, you wish to have this made into a pay-per-view event in order to stimulate our sagging economy. This nobel cause awaits your endorsement. If by any chance you happen to be one of these stupid people and you are reading this, please sign the petition and agree to walk onto a busy intersection. Thank you.

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