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Asian honeybees compete with managed European honeybees for floral resources. They rob honey from managed hives, which may cause hives to die from starvation. Most importantly, Asian honeybees are a natural host for varroa mites, a major threat to Australia's honeybee industry. Asian honeybees also carry other unwanted bee pests and diseases.


The Asian Bee, Apis cerana, is a poor pollinator and steals honey from other bee's, it will destroy our honey Bee's.

If the Government doesn't foot the bill, the Honey and Food Industry will suffer (over $6 billion).

They are also the natural host to external mites Varroa spp. including V. destructor and V. jacobsoni.
They are seen as the Cane toad on wings and spread fast, as they swarm every 2-3 weeks to split and make new hive.

I believe the Apiarist's/Bee industry shouldn't have to foot the bill, it is the Border security/Customs and ship Captain's fault they arrived, not the Bee Industry, our Food Industry is also at risk, from this pest and will not only cost Industry but also the hip pocket of everyone.

If you believe the government should be footing the bill, please sign.

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