#Non-Human Rights
Equality and Human Rights Commission

Humans have always oppressed other species, whether they are animals, or non-human humanoids. It's particularly hard on non-human humanoids, as we are forced to pretend to be human, sometimes even by our own families.

We can only walk around freely if other people believe we're human. Why can't we use our supernatural powers in public, if we have them? Or be acknowledged as whichever species we are? Or freely talk about any spirit friends we may have? Or acknowledge pets and spirits as family members? And why have only 'Human Rights'? I'm also angry about animals not being referred to as people, when they clearly are. And when they are murdered, it's called 'unnecessary suffering', which is ridiculous, and their murderer gets a slap on the wrist. I'm fed up about all of this.

We, the undersigned, call on the Equality and Human Rights Commission to truly work towards equality, and not just gender, sexuality, or disability equality.

We want species equality, and rights for all, not just humans.

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