The National Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria

South East Geo-political zone in Nigeria is shortchanged in the creation of states and federal constituencies. This is creating political and economic marginalization of South East people. We are being unfairly forced to become minority in the polity.

North West has 7 States with 21 senate seats and 92 federal constituencies.
North East has 6 States with 18 senate seats and 48 federal constituencies.
North Central has 6 States plus Federal Capital with 19 senate seats and 51 federal constituencies.
South West has 6 states with 18 senate seats and 71 federal constituencies.
South South has 6 states with 18 senate seats and 55 federal constituencies.
South East has only 5 states with 15 senate seats and 43 federal constituencies.

By this arrangement, we are short of at least a State, 3 senate seats and at least 6 federal constituencies; we are also short of federal allocations of billions of naira per month; we are also short of state institutions and local governments. This inequality must stop.

The National Assembly,
Federal Republic of Nigeria,

The people of South East Geo-political zone of Nigeria have disturbing concern over the continued marginalization of the zone in state creation. With the failure of the 2013 National Assembly constitutional amendment to address the inequality in state creation, we are saying NO to the continued injustice against our zone.

We are hereby demanding equal numbers of states in South East as there are in other zones.

The peace and unity of a nation is dependent upon justice, fairness and equity among her citizens. We are therefore urging the National Assembly to act today and complete the numbers of state(s) in South East Nigeria to be equal with other Geo-political zones even if it means invoking the necessary parts of the constitution and doctrines to deal with special situations such as this.

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