#Equal Rights

Shein was founded in October 2008, and since then it has upheld the philosophy that "everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion." Its business covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world. -Pulled directly from their about us page on their ecommerce.
This statement has very occasionally been true for the company SHEIN. Time and Time again we've sat through new arrivals and seen SUPER CUTE, KILLER, UNIQUE outfits but they were labeled Plus and youre sized sm-lrg or its been sized small-large and you fall into the Plus category and when you go to find the outfit youre just dying to buy right then and there you're saddened to see its not offered. Halloween costumes as detailed as their "Plus Halloween Colorblock Chevron Hem Dress" are only available in sizes 0xl and up and looks as sultry as their "Crisscross Backless rhinestone chain hem dress" only coming in xs-xl.

We, the undersigned, speak for online clothing shoppers everywhere when we demand that every outfit Shein makes be available in every size Shein offers. We demand that people sized extra small through extra large be able to buy the same the solid halloween batwing costume velvet romper just the same as people sized zero extra large through two extra large be able to purchase their own Mesh skirt and choker metallic costume set. We demand a stop to the unfairness, a stop to the discrimination and the stop to the betrayal of Sheins own words ""everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion."
In Conclusion We, The underside, call on SHEIN to live by their words and create every outfit for every size!

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