#Gender Rights and Issues
20 - 40 year old's

What is gender inequality ,first it isn’t about two people being paid differently for the same work (this is equal pay and is against the law). No, the gender pay gap is a measure of the overall position of women in the paid workforce, compared with men. Woman in Australia get paid 75% of men's wages when they do they exact same job as the men. Woman aren't asking for more money they just want to get treated fairly and paid fairly like men. Your probably wondering why should you care, what should be clear by now is that women are being short-changed at work. The impact that this has is huge, and it isn’t only women who are impacted. From an economic perspective, it has been estimated by KPMG that just halving the Gender Pay Gap would increase economic growth by $60 billion by 2038.Think of all the extra resources that would be available to pay for things like schools and hospitals with that money.

There are a few things we can do. We can all join and be active in our union. Of course, I would say that, but it is a fact that every great advance in workplace and societal rights has been as a result of the actions and efforts of the Trade Union Movement. We are the engine room of change. We know how to campaign and how to get things done.
We can also become a force for change. Find out if your employer has completed a gender pay gap analysis. Talk with your partner about balancing paid and unpaid responsibilities between you. Be proactive about seeking out flexible work arrangements. Even just rethinking how we do small things could make a difference.
Lastly if we could just make women and men getting paid the same rates in the workplace when they are doing the same job.

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