Jefferson County Public Schools
United States of America

Nolan lives in Jefferson County in Colorado. He is autistic and requires a special education because of this. In Jefferson County, there are a lot of schools. But, the fact is that only 16% of those schools provide an autism program. The programs are placed where there is "room" for them. The schools that currently have a program have 230-510 kids. The highest overall score for these schools is 7/10, though the rest are all 6/10 or lower. Each kid with autism is at a different level, and they all need to be taught different things to help with their issues. The schools cannot possibly help each of those kids, so they need to go to schools that fit their needs. For some cases, that means they are being forced to drive many miles every day just to get to school. Nolan, specifically, has to drive 10 miles to get to his school next year as of right now. Most kids without autism only have to drive a couple miles or less to get to school. This is simply not fair, and this needs to be fixed.

By signing this text, we are calling for actions to be made to make more schools offer programs to educate the autistic.

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