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I am currently struggling with my 15 year old daughter. It s been a long 2 year struggle that always ends up no where. No matter what I do for my daughter, it always turns out to be a dead end.

We are currently residing in NJ and becuase of the law regarding uncontrolable teens, it is very difficult for me to help her and keep her off the streets where she wanders all night and day when she constantly runs away. I know she is not in good hands out there and I also know she is using drugs and she allows herself to participate in unlawfull activities.

I need my daughter to be safe, but the law here in NJ is not letting me get this done. She is only 15, why allow her to do this to herself and her family. I am not able to get her in any programs becuase the programs here in NJ are not mandatory, if the kid wants to leave, they can leave....why?? that is not right. I know of other states where is not the same as it is here.

Inpatient programs are mandatory in NY and not voluntary like here in NJ. We need to enforce this. It is not fair to parents and especially it is not fair to our children.

Please help me get this done....

We, the undersigned, are in support of the New Jersey Community Forum's proposal to enforce New Jersey Law for troubled teens. We need your help in signing this petition so that our voices can be heard. We believe that if we do not express our needs and concerns regarding troubled teens, our community will continue to suffer from gangs, youth and adult violence, all of which threaten our quality of life.

We need to enforce this petition, which express that it is the official position of the county and city to reconsider the laws for juveniles.

We feel that a positive public expression against NJ Law for troubled teens, with no out of pocket cost, can help build the security and pride of teens, and can help all reach their highest capacity for development and advancement.

We hope that all troubled teens will be able to get the help needed, to better themselves and our community, and we are asking our elected leaders to help make this a reality.

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