Governor Of Arkansas
United States of America

July 3, 2006

On May 12, 2006 at Concord, Arkansas a 14 year old girl that was in the 7th grade was approached by a KKK student.

He was harrassing, bullying, intimidation, and tormenting the girl and he told the girl his beliefs and his hatred towards other races of blacks, mexicans, and all other races.

The KKK student has been passing out KKK cards on school campus and when students refuse the KKK cards he forces it on them and will not leave them alone.

This bullying should be a wake up call for the school & for them to enforce new policies of Racial Harrassment and Intimidation Policies.

I think there needs to be a law forbidding expression of racist views on school campuses. What good are Arkansas laws if the school does not enforce them and does not comply?

As I understand Concord School District is not prepared for this by not having any type of prevention programs by changing the overall school culture and there are no school counseling centers on bullying, also the teachers have not been trained on bullying.

We need to enforce anti-bullying legislation in Arkansas and a zreo Tolerance schools Policy and also prevent bullying before it begins.

The 0 tolerance policy was adopted by the Arkansas State Board Of Education in 1995. The State Board Of Education does need to make sure schools comply with Arkansas Law of No Bullying no matter the size of the school.

Kids and youths that are bullied need to be validated and protected under the law.

We, the undersigned, petition the Arkansas State Board Of Education to make sure schools comply with the Arkansas Law of No Bullying no matter the size of the school.

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