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In recent years, the suicide rate of teens due to bullying through social media websites has sky-rocketed, but year after year of watching as young people full of life and promise end their lives prematurely, nothing is done to monitor the social media websites and the people who use them to ensure the safety of America's young people.

Year after year, millions stand by as thousands upon thousands of teens commit suicide due to the bullying through social media websites that they have to endure.

Social media allows for people to ridicule and embarrass young people to the point where suicide seems a viable option to end their suffering. It is far past time that the federal government enact laws that allow them to designate jobs to monitor social media websites for fraudulent accounts in which users are actually under the age of eighteen and monitor young people's statements to their peers.

This is not an invasion of privacy. This is a proposal to protect teens from damaging their reputation by being a bully and to save the lives of young people who feel so bullied that they commit suicide to end their torture from their peers. Just like alcohol and cigarettes are illegal for underage teens, so should bullying be.

Thus, we, the undersigned, call upon the Federal Government of the United States of America to take immediate action to end the bullying of teens through the use of social media websites so that the future America, the kids today, are still alive and well when they are adults.

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