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Human trafficking by organized criminal gangs is a major provider for servicing prostitution in the UK. Girls abroad are lured with promises of lucrative jobs as dancers or entertainers, or in related industries.

The reality is a life of enslavement and degrading abuse from which they cannot break free. It damages them physically, mentally and emotionally.

A lesser known fact is that sex trafficking is driven by online pornography. Trafficked victims are used to produce explicit and often ‘illegal’ pornographic images and films for distribution via the internet. This material is in turn used as a training tool for trafficked victims – teaching them what to expect and how to respond.

Many men then go to prostitutes with the expectation they can experience firsthand the more extreme pornographic scenarios they have seen online, and which their regular partners would reject.

Victims of trafficking, women, children - and even pornography addicts and male users themselves - are all alike damaged by the production and easy availability of hardcore pornography.

In a morally responsible society, the right to sexual freedom can never include the right to inflict harm or degradation on another human being.

We call on government to press all relevant agencies, including the police, rigorously to enforce existing obscenity laws restricting or banning the production and dissemination of all material which damages or degrades women in this way, and to strengthen such laws to enable them to do so.

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