#Animal Rights
Japanese Authorities

Every winter, dolphins are slaughtered in their thousands in small cities across Japan.

The dolphins are rounded up, confined within nets, and once disorientated, they panic.

Mothers and babies cry out to each other in distress as they are separated, hoisted up and dragged off, soon to be mercilessely hacked to death.

Dolphins are innocent and benign creatures, and they deserve better.
Yet, lying stricken and needful, writhing and contorting in the throes of agony, they are left to slowly suffocate.

Such treatment shows that the government has little respect for the world's oceans, nor the creatures that live in it.

We, the undersigned, DEMAND and end to such brutal slaughter of dolphins. Not only is the government being cruel, they are also in violation of international treaties, laws and conventions designed to protect the oceans and the creature's that live in them.


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