#Animal Rights
End the iditarod race

Every year the Iditarod race takes place in March. About 1,000 dogs start  but most don't make it to the end because they become sick, injured or exhausted. The Iditarod has killed more than 150 dogs since it began in 1973.Dogs are forced to pull 400 pound sleds in teams of 16. The race takes 8 to 14 days and out of which the dogs only get 40 hours to rest. Dogs have to run 100 miles each day. They also have to run in freezing cold wind, snowstorms and on dangerous ice. Dogs who finish the race but are no longer useful to the industry may be shot, drowned, or abandoned to starve. Please never support the Iditarod race. This is a dreadful and heartbreaking act of animal cruelty that should be stopped immediately. Credits: Facts from PETA

Please support WWAH (world wide animal help) and lets end this unbelievable act of dog cruelty! Thank you on behalf of those poor mistreated dogs

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