#Animal Rights
Ben Bradshaw MP
United Kingdom

June 4, 2006

This petition calls for all religous slaughter of animals without prestunning to be banned as it causes much suffering and is unnecessary.

This cause is supported by the Farm animal Welfare Council, Viva! and various organisations.

By Muslem halal and Jewish shechita methods, many animals are slaughtered without being prestunned.

The Farm Animal Welfare Council has concluded that the act of the animal's throat being cut causes a high volume of distress and pain before the animal becomes insensible.

Scientific evidences shows that the time in between the throat being cut and insensibility would be: for a sheep 5-7 seconds, adult cattle 22-40 seconds plus and calves up to two minutes.

Slaughter without prestunning has already been banned in Norway, Sweden and New Zealand but in the UK this has been allowed to go on thanks to it being exempt from stunning laws. Thankfully, over 90% of animals killed for halal are prestunned.

I have much respect for people of all religons and am in no way racist but I believe this serious breach of animal welfare cannot go unnoticed.

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