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Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS)
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Defend the Hill family from racial, income, gender & education bias in the child welfare system! Sign the petition demanding DHS return two girls unjustly taken from their aunt who was their full time caregiver.

Not being a high school grad or having a GED must not used as a reason to remove children from their caregiver!

WHEREAS Carolyn Hill was in the process of adopting her two young nieces that DHS had placed in her care for a year when, without any allegations of abuse or neglect, and with no explanation or warning, DHS took the children from her home and put them in foster care with strangers.

WHEREAS Despite being a pre-adoptive home with legal rights to due process and standing in court, Ms. Hill was denied access to court, legal counsel, and the right to make her case.

WHEREAS Not having a GED was given as one of the reasons she was considered unsuitable to adopt the children. Other reasons were claims of poor “cognitive skills” and unfounded allegations of “mental health issues.” A second psychological evaluation said that Ms Hill was suitable to adopt her nieces.

WHEREAS Ms Hill’s family, who all support Ms Hill getting the children, agreed that the children should go to a more distant relative as a temporary measure so the children would not be in foster care with strangers. This decision is now being used to prevent the children returning to Ms Hill’s home. The children are in daycare for 10 hours a day, while Ms. Hill would have been able to provide fulltime care to these traumatized children.

WHEREAS DHS agreed in November that the children should be returned to Ms Hill's care, they have again reversed their decision. The Support Center for Child Advocates -- a nonprofit agency with a lucrative government contract and a Board of Directors headed by CEOs of multi-national corporations -- is entrenched in its opposition to Ms. Hill as the adoptive parent. Ms Hill’s visits have been cut back to twice a month.

WHEREAS With the help of Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, Ms Hill has rallied support from family, friends, the church, the community, elected officials and professionals to get the children back: former State Rep. Tony Payton and even a former DHS caseworker are among those who have written on her behalf.

WHEREAS Ms Hill, who has been pushed around, lied to, denied information about her rights & suffered false & demeaning allegations against her character, has been fighting with unwavering determination to be reunited with the children she loves who have been deprived of stability & the person with whom they had formed a deep bond.

Therefore we the undersigned appeal to DHS:

Right the wrong of taking two young children from their loving home where there was no abuse or neglect - just no GED - &

Reunite Ms Carolyn Hill and her nieces

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