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End punch & Judy Politics in the UK.

See editorial by Kevin Ward (below) People are so tired of 'Punch and Judy' politics - http://goo.gl/zVrG77

JOHN Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, is to be congratulated for writing to the main party leaders asking them to crack down on the 'yobbish' behaviour of some of their MPs, particularly during Prime Minister's Questions.

Much as I agree with Mr Bercow's view that the public are put off politics because of the childish behaviour of many in the Commons, I fear his intervention will have little effect.

We have heard promises before of an end to 'Punch and Judy' politics. They have never come to fruition, partly because MPs are cocooned in a Westminster bubble and have little understanding of what the public really think of them and partly because there are a significant number of MPs who are utterly out of touch with the real world and, frankly, a bit thick.

We have too many MPs who have never had a proper job, who move serenely from university to become parliamentary researchers or advisors, to the backbenches, to the Cabinet.

End Punch & Judy Politics.

The best thing that could happen to local government would be to rid it of party politics.

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