All Politicians In The State Of Arizona
United States of America


The humble US Citizens residing in The Great State Of Arizona.

Have been witness to an enormous influx of "Non-Citizens" into Our United States Of America and directly into Our Own State Of Arizona.

We wish to end this flow of Illegal Immigrants.


The humble citizens of Arizona,

Call upon our Legislators and Representatives of all parties to bring an end to Illegal Immigration.

We ask our leaders in this Great State to remember and honor “We The People” as we make this request.

Without animosity, we ask to:

1: Please make E-Verify Mandatory.

2: Please Enforce US Immigration Law as it is.

3: Please Stop the “handout” of monies and services to Illegal Immigrants in our State.

4: Fully Criminalize the employment of Illegals and create a $10,000 fine to all Employers of Illegals in our State, per Illegal Employee employed by them.

5: Request Proof Of Citizenship at all Legal Transactions and Transfers.

All this, We ask as United States Citizens and US Citizens that reside in The Great State Of Arizona.

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