Canadian Goverment

On september 13, 2006, a 25 year old man walk up to Dawson college and fired his semi-automatic weapon onto a crowd of student.

Before the police gained control over the situation, he mannaged to kill an 18 year old girl and injure many others whose ages ranged from 17 to 48. Many still remain in critical condition at hospital.

His weapons were legal and registered. His weapons were cosigned by two
other individuals. The Canadian Goverment wants to get rid of the legislation that put into motion a gun registy claiming it is useless and expensive.

This cannot happen. The registy must stay active but become more sever. Registration fees should be around the 500$ mark. No sale of semi-automatic weapons should be permitted. All those who co-sign in the purchasse of a gun that is used in a murder or crime by the registerd owner of the gun should face sever penalties or become accessories to murder.

We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian Goverment to keep the gun
registry alive and further develop it in order to make it more difficult to
purchase guns by seriously considereing the above suggestions.

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