#Human Rights

As a dedicated single stay-at-home Mom, I raised my daughter, my only child in a humble, peaceful and love-filled home. I've always believed in the importance of raising my daughter into becoming a respectful, healthy and happy person in society. We were not living off any government welfare programs. My contented daughter grew up in a comfortable minimalist lifestyle. We worked and studied hard, hopeful for a better future.

In 2012, we were turned into victims of heinous crimes of gross human rights violations causing permanent adverse life-altering consequences. It all began with workplace bullying by registered nurses at a VA medical facility while I was working as a volunteer and as a nursing student.

Our human rights that were violated include invasion of privacy or intrusion upon seclusion; i.e. unauthorized access to personal health records and student information, ransack our apartment multiple times. Soon after I filed the complaint, the vehicle I own was tampered and surveilled, interfered in and destroyed my relationships, attacked and tarnished my reputation, blocked all of my career opportunities, and the ongoing hacking of ALL my accounts stalking and harassment incidents.

In 2012 & 2016, I filed a complaint to various appropriate US governing law enforcement agencies, Philippines Consulate as a dual citizenship holder, and human rights organizations (Human Rights Watch & ACLU). All entities have chosen to ignore and not take my complaint seriously. This dreadful situation was turned into an unthinkable international circus, by getting my relatives and acquaintances overseas involved in the problem, which I never share with anybody.
In 2013, I sought legal help but the law firm chose to take the side of the government. All documents were forwarded to my daughter's father. I learned it resulted in litigation in 2015 which I was excluded from the entire process.

During the active investigation in 2014, I found out that the same perpetrators (one of the nurses, her brother and brother's friend) had repeatedly and violently sexually assaulted my minor child. The nurse child rapist was in and out of prison while my child was denied the help and therapy she needed to start her healing process. Instead, her state of mind as a child rape victim was taken advantage of by inflicting fear, threats, & serious physical, psychological and emotional harm.

As our unfavorable circumstance was discreetly deposed and or litigated numerously, opportunists were benefiting from our predicament while everything we had was taken away and denied us access to anything that could have resolved the issues.

The violent traumatizing sexual assault continued when in 2018 my daughter's classmate's mother sobbingly, revealed to me about the 3 men had forced my daughter to have sex with. The criminal offenses continue to escalate due to improper handling & processing of my complaint right from the start. It was the perpetrators' way to suppress each of my effort to access justice in order to hold them accountable for their repulsive wrongdoings.

I reached out to UNHRC and ICC in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Delegates from UNHRC came but the government prevented them to have any contact with me. During this time, I clearly recalled my daughter happily stated: "My Mom and I will heal together. My mom will take care of me.” My daughter also mentioned to me saying; “Mom, they are here for you.” “They are here because a child is involved.” It was heartbreaking to watch the disappointment my minor child felt when the delegates left without given the opportunity to speak with me. It was so wrong and nobody had the right to sneakily force my minor child to have any direct involvement in and deal with an adult-oriented chaotic situation. The worst abuse is to abuse an innocent child's trust, whose human rights were brutally violated. I learned that ICC did look into the situation without notifying me at all. This contradicted the email message I received in response to my filed petition.

In 2017, my daughter and I were alienated from each other. Consequently, I lost my family & home. I did what I needed to do.

In August 2018, I spent 3 weeks in the Netherlands to follow up on my complaint at ICC. My petition wasn’t taken seriously. I proceeded to UNHRC in Switzerland to follow up on and update my complaint about the alleged 2017 criminal offense against my daughter. I was turned away. During my 6 months stay, I learned that my complaint was being litigated by the Swiss government. I was kept out of the process. I observed individuals associated with the Swiss government sobbing when I or they speak of my daughter, which I suspected something horrific has happened to her and is being concealed from me. As the mother, I have the right to know everything about my daughter. I was increasingly concerned about my daughter not replying to my emails and my desire to spend time with her on her birthday in November 2018, my plan to leave Switzerland was denied.

Last week of February 2019, I traveled back to the US, stopping over in Vancouver B.C. to consult with a lawyer & to visit my daughter in Washington where we last spend 5 weeks together in June 2018. I went looking for my daughter at her College but it refused to facilitate for our reunion. It isn't normal for my daughter and me to not see nor hear from each other for 20 months now, based on our special close bond. It's strange that her father has been speaking on her behalf each time I would ask about my daughter, a young adult.

I drove from Arizona back to Vancouver B.C to meet a lawyer for consultation in May 2019. I was denied entry at the border, which confirmed the statement I overheard while in Switzerland that instructions were spread around the world that I should not be helped. The lawyer mentioned during our video call conference that he is not supposed to talk to me. I filed a petition with IACHR in June 2019, which is still under study.

It is an enormous blessing to raise my daughter with the intention to protect and nurture her pure innocence. The community is supposedly a partnership for protecting children's child-like spirit. It is inappropriate, unacceptable, and unnecessary to deliberately situate my daughter to experience a predicament, even worst was to inflict severe harm on her to get back at me for looking for help. A child’s and other innocent private citizens’ basic human rights should always be protected. The government is supposed to support families to maintain their strong union. This adverse situation we are in, need to change. Nobody deserves to experience “a public wrong” of the worst human rights violations that we have been subjected to. All perpetrators and co-conspirators must be held accountable for their evil actions in order to fully protect and promote the human rights of all citizens.

We (TRUE advocates for the protection & promotion of human rights) the undersigned, call on the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, FIDH Headquarters, Paris, France to look into and remedy a long-standing life-changing gross basic human rights violations case.

This will bring about TRANSPARENCY, an essential component of a rights-based social protection system, and to strengthen the rule of law and ACCOUNTABILITY for human rights violations. These are critical for the prevention of future violations and will contribute to preventing corruption.

We urge agents and representatives of government bodies, human rights organizations & all its constituents to:
- align its actions and behaviors consistent with its primary obligations and duties under international law to respect, protect, and promote human rights; most especially to refrain from mocking a child rape victim.
- live up to the general expectations; devoted to human rights analysis and advocacy.

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