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Every day thousands of children in the United States are forced, manipulated, and lured into some form of commercial sexual exploitation. Violence and threats keep the victims silenced and fearful of escaping or trusting Law Enforcement.

Since the passing of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (T.V.P.A) in 2003, the United States government has spent more than 500 million dollars to spread awareness and assist in the rehabilitation of foreign nationals who have entered the country as victims of human trafficking—but funding and resources are inadequate for American children of the same crime.

With the purpose to raise awareness and provide services for American victims of child sex trafficking we, the undersigned urge the US Congress to help end the enslavement and exploitation of women and children and provide protection and rehabilitation for the survivors, by:

1.Challenging the US Government to enact New York Assembly Member William Scarborough’s and Senator Dale Volker’s Safe Harbor Act nationally.

2.Implementing a nationwide Trafficking Awareness Campaign to educate law enforcement, communities, and youth on how to identify and combat this crime.

3.Targeting and prosecuting the “Johns” on rape charges, accessory to crime, etc…

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