#Children's Rights
Local and State Government Officials
United States of America

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” - Nelson Mandela

Children have the right to grow up in an environment free from sexual grooming and sexual abuse. Sexual interrogation or questioning by unqualified adults can lead to shame, trauma, confusion, and abuse. It increases the likelihood that a child will be taken advantage of. Children need adults and leaders who act as heroes, creating a safe environment in every organization. We call on you to be a hero.

I hereby sign my name as a pledge to protect children. I commit to doing everything within my power to identify and eliminate practices that result in the sexual grooming and sexual abuse of children. This includes implementing and enforcing the following guideline within my organization:

'An adult may not ask a minor about their personal masturbation habits or personal sexual practices unless that adult is a qualified individual, meaning a parent or legal guardian, a state-licensed doctor, or a state-licensed therapist.'

I will report violations of this guideline to the proper authorities and will do everything within my power to end child grooming.

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