Principal: Bonita T. Grumme @ Ellendale Elementary in Bartlett, TN.
United States of America

It is a violation of parental rights to not allow a mother or father to park their vehicle on the street and walk up to the doors of the school to pick their child up from a long day. We do not want to wait until 3:00 to pick our children up, which is when they dismiss walkers. We pick our children up at the door because we want to be right there when they walk out. That should be our prerogative. We should be allowed to pick them up at 2:45 when the car riders are dismissed. Why should we have to come up to the school at 2:10, thats 35 minutes before the bell rings to get a decent place in that long line of cars so our children don't have to stand in line for 15 to 20 minutes out in the heat or cold waiting for mom or dad to get up there to them while the line slowly moves along. We could be standing at the door when the car riders are dismissed @ 2:45, get our child, and get out of the way. I truely do not believe that mom's and dad's standing at the door and walking to the car holding the childs hand as they cross the street (where the crossing guard is) is causing a real big safety problem for the children. If anything, I believe it would be the opposite. Our children and his/her safety is our number one priority. We do not need such controlling people sitting around making up rules telling us how to maintain the safety of our children. Keeping our children safe at dismissal time is one of our greatest priorities. That's why we are more comfortable meeting them at the door and we should not be penalized 15 minutes for that.

Petition for Ellendale Elementary Parents. We, the undersigned, wish to end the "car rider parents must remain in their vehicle" dismissal procedure.

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