#Civil Rights
The Attorney General

Taxation is the oppressive or coercive requirement for all Australian's to pay tax. Few people would question the need to contribute to the provision of services, but we are ill-served by governments with the arbitrary power to impose taxes.

There is no logic to taxation, and contrary to the rhetoric, it does not help the poor, but instead results in recessions, self-delusion, psychological repression, and a great deal more. It makes all concerned victims. Every MPs are not served by the system.

We request the Attorney General to initiate an Administrative Review of High Court judgements for providing some guidance to the judiciary on its interpretation of the Constitution.

The implicit standard of the constitution is 'reason', not 'might makes right, yet there seems to be an explicit trend by the High Court to grant the parliament carte blanche power to legislate any act, with a corresponding erosion in the human rights of Australian citizens.

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