#Animal Welfare
Australian Government

Every year, millions of animals are exploited around the world in research, training and experiments. They are injected with diseases, driven insane, electric shocked, blinded, burned, drowned, mechanically raped and dismembered all in the name of human health and well-being.

This is not an issue many people like to think about let alone address. Human welfare is considered more important and animal exploitation thought of as a ‘necessary evil’ to reach this end. The conditions and practices animals are exposed to are kept hidden behind closed doors and animals continue to suffer in silence.

Humane Research Australia is strongly opposed to the use of animals in research, training and experiments on both ethical and scientific grounds.

We call the Australian Government to eliminate the use of animals in experimentation, research and training.

These habits are unnecessary for human progress, unethical towards animal rights, are cruel and must not longer be accepted.

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