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Stroke adults within Saudi community
Saudi Arabia

One of the main chronic diseases that must be addressed is stroke, which has been identified as a significant health burden globally. The prevalence of stroke is increasing in Saudi Arabia, where it is a major cause of mortality. According to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health, there are 29 instances of stroke per 100,000 people there each year. Stroke survivors experience various difficulties because their neuromuscular functions are impaired. Paralysis decreased body balance and motor skills, dysphasia, slurred speech, vision issues, and paralysis are some of the neurological issues linked to stroke. One of the biggest social and financial health burdens in Saudi Arabia is stroke. Poor financial status may make it difficult to obtain specific needs for optimal health and well-being, such as high-quality medical care. Our aim is to support stroke survivors in return to work because returning to work is one of the important factors contributing to stroke survivors' needs.

I, the undersigned, urge the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to obligate companies and employers to implement the policies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in supporting people with disabilities in the work environment.

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