#Civil Rights
The Honorable Mr. Dalton McGuinty

This petition is to urge the Government on Canada to provide funding for the Virtual Resource Centre created by the Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs.

Many visible minorities, for example Black and Caribbean people, are being denied employment. Firstly, the people of this specific community need to be schooled and properly educated in order for them to learn the basic skills and knowledge required to obtain a job. However, there are many people in this community who are more than qualified for employment, but continue to be rejected because of personal bias of the employer. Not only do the people of this community need to be educated, but others outside this minortiy as well. If people outside this community learn about the Black and Caribbean history and culture, it may lead to fewer ignorant people who stick with stereotypes. I urge the government of Canada to supply funding for programs and workshops that are dedicated to improving the lives of Black and Caribbean people, and giving them as chance to gain equality in society and the economy.

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