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Over the years the Senate has been known for their actions, especially their growing use of filibusters. Filibusters are a way in which the Senate avoids discussing the incoming laws passed down to them after being approved by the House if Representatives. In order to avoid the unwanted laws, they discuss irrelevant topics and waste time to allow the composed issue to be dropped. This effects everyone, for they are continued to be paid from the money of the taxpayers. Middle- class people are losing out on the unpassed laws by the Senate that would benefit the class, for in 2007 over 500 issues were not passed due to filibusting, which President Obama addressed himself. Let's put a stop to this growing issue that is wasting the taxpayer's money and leaving issues unresolved.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Senate to eliminate the action of filibusters in the place of passing and discussing laws.

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