#Human Rights

A recent estimates states that upto 2.5 million Australians are living in poverty, which is approximately 12% of the Australian population.

Australia ranks 15th of the worlds 23 'rich' countries listed, however 12.6% of its children live in households where incomes are below 50% of the national median.

Human Rights Defenders aims to educate as many people across the world about Australia's lack of concern for the people living in poverty in our own country. It is appalling that Australia's current government chooses to ignore the need for its own citizens yet can spend millions of dollars on military budgets.

We, the Human Rights Defenders, call on the people of Australia to sign this petition. Take action against children having to live in extremely harsh conditions, and people having to live on the streets.

Poverty can be easily erased from Australia and the world, your signature can make history.

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