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I started playing Need For Speed World in 2011, back then the game was Okay to play regarding Cheaters and Hackers. I recently reinstalled the game after a year and a half or so of not playing, purchased boost to buy cars etc only find out that the game is ridiculously overwhelmed with Hackers & Cheats.

More than 50% of the races I have been in are riddled with cheats, being Auto Finish, Speed, Tank or whatever else there is out there. After doing some research on this I found people are simply downloading 2 applications, one for Boost and one for Cheats and I also found so many videos and websites showing how to cheat/hack.

How can such a big software company create a game that is this insecure, I don’t believe EA's developers are doing all they can to fix these issues and I don’t think it is fair for people to continue buying Boost to be walked all over by cheats on such a high rate. Furthermore I have added so-called cheats to my friends list and reported them for cheating. After over a month I have seen these cheaters return, they have NOT been banned, nor deleted from my friends list as I expected.

There are so many people on the forums complaining about the same thing for so long now, I wanted to show EA how many people this affects!

Please sign this petition for Need for Speed World.

We need many numbers to prove to EA that this game is worth fixing.

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