American Citizens
United States of America

Due to the obvious loss of confidence and vote tally questioning by the American citizens for the last presidential election, we request developing a program to promote and advance The American Citizen Voter Confidence in the election process and assure no corruption or foreign entanglegment can compromise or corrupt the process of the American voting tallies. A system of Qualty control over the race counters is to written, composed and presented to the state legislation to be endorsed for state wide deployment and engagement with funding allocated to such matters. This topic is critical to the American voting system process and will be found to increase vote tally confidence state wide and nationally.

I here by request that the local goverment adopt program with positions held by the citizens of America to oversee the election Race Counter process and assure vote tally and integrity is upheld by Qualty Control measures overseen by US citizens designated, empowered and certified from each city, county and state of the United States of America. This federal funded program shall insure that paid intrusted personnel shall be certified by city officials and agreed to by the public, to hold a sworn in position to have access to and personnely check and ensure over the Race Counters that each vote casted in their district to qualify the authentication of the voting process made by the US citizens under the constitution of the United States of America.

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