#Human Rights
Officials of localities where Energix solar sites are planned
United States of America

Solar energy is a good thing. But who builds, owns, and profits from it matters. Tell Virginia authorities to revoke and deny permits to the Israeli-owned, human rights violator Energix to install energy utilities in Virginia!

Across Virginia, in eleven counties and cities, (see link above under "Website:" for a map), Energix is planning to build solar arrays by lobbying city councils and county boards of supervisors to approve zoning law exemptions and building permits.

Why are local governments giving away the store to a foreign company while giving the cold shoulder to the many upstanding Virginia and U.S. solar energy companies? Why, in particular, are they coddling a foreign company like Energix with its long record of discriminatory practices and human rights abuses?

- According to the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHCR), Energix has illegally taken land away from indigenous peoples of the West Bank and is a Category G company that “engages in the use of natural resources, in particular, water and land, for business purposes.”

- According to the American Friends Service Committee, “Energix has also developed a wind energy project in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, reportedly using questionable methods in obtaining access to the land from its indigenous Syrian-Druze owners, and in violation of international law.”

Energix actively hides its human rights record from Virginia cities and counties when soliciting and obtaining exemptions to rural zoning laws. On the other hand, Virginia and American companies lay their cards on the table and do not subsidize illegal operations overseas.

The choice is clear. Since city and county governments decide which companies, among many, obtain rights to build solar energy utilities, they should select Virginia and U.S. companies with clean records!

We call upon officials of localities of intended Energix solar sites not to issue zoning exemptions (conditional use permits), building permits, or certificates of occupancy to subsidiaries of UN-designated, human rights abuser Energix. If you have already issued one or more, we urge their immediate unconditional revocation. We further urge you to review and approve the many applications to build solar power by the upstanding Virginia and U.S. solar energy generators who do not engage in corrupt practices overseas or conceal their human rights record during Virginia permit applications.

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