#Students' Rights
Inform Dalton McGuinty!!

Tuition fees across the country have doubled in the past decade; at the same time, grants and student loans have been cut or wiped out entirely.

Tuition fees have grown to become the single largest expense for most university and college students, with average fees of almost $5,000 per year. *(http://www.gsu.utoronto.ca/newsevents.html)

As student debt rises from $1,000 to $10,000 per year, completion rates for students dependent on loans plummet from 59 to 8 per cent. We believe the time to act is now.

*(http://www.rabble.ca/news/2009/09/generation-debt-post-secondary-students-face- more-tuition-increases).

We the undersigned are concerned post secondary students who want to bring it to your attention to urge our leaders to act now by lowering college tuition rates to be affordable to all students of Canada.

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