#Human Rights
Ananda Marga Kolkata CC Board and PP Kinshuk

Purulia District in West Bengal, is one of the most impoverished districts of India. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, the founder of Ananda MArga, had a vision to elevate the educational status and improve the standard of living in such areas through comprehensive education.

He founded Degree College at Ananda Nagar in 1956, providing education to around 60 villages that previously had little access to higher education. Ananda Marga College began as an all-boys school, but has recently expanded to include women, whose facilities are completely apart from the main campus, in a nearby village, to comply with mandates of Sarkar, of separate, not co-ed facilities for higher education.

The Ananda Marga global ruling organizational body recently had a vote to discontinue the women's branch, saying that the existing conditions are coeducational, when they are, by all means completely separate, circumstances that would force these women to give up any chance that they might have of being able to make real progress in their lives, and the lives of their families and villages.

We feel that is necessary to overturn or redo this repressive vote, and help the women continue and move forward in their education and their lives.

We, the undersigned, want to see the continuing development and education of the young, poverty stricken women of Ananda Nagar, at Ananda Marga College, within the nicely safe, adequate, and separate facilities rationally created by administrator Ac. Yatiishvarananda.

We feel that disallowing their education for groundless reasons, will assign them to a life of destitution, and is both morally and legally reprehensible.

We demand that their growth be allowed to continue unabated under existing conditions, until such a time that new buildings are provided.

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