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We the undersigned DEMAND that governments worldwide begin an education programme in ALL schools to teach children real family values.

These classes are to include detail of What is Abuse, how wrong it is and what a child can do if they find themselves being subjected to it in any way.

We teach our children about road safety. We teach our children about strangers and not to go away with them. We do not teach our children about Uncle Tom meaning if its a uncle, or family member most children are scared to speak out or are warned by the abuser not to talk or bad things will happen to them or some one they love.

If it's the parent that is abusing the child from a young age a lot of children either think this is normal as they don't now any difference or are scared to speak out.

WE believe that a child has the right to speak out and be taught this is not the normal behaviour of a parent/Family member, its wrong and can be stopped.


We demand that governments worldwide set up an immediate Education Programme to warn ALL children about Abuse. Let them all understand Abuse is wrong and it is OK to speak out.

They need to understand that Abuse by anyone including Parents, Aunts and Uncles, family friends and Strangers is WRONG. These Classes should be called 'Life Skills' and cover everything from road safety, Stranger Danger, and Abuse. Including 'What is Abuse' and how can it be stopped!'

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