EcoGenX Agricultural Recycling LTD

EcoGenX Agricultural Recycling LTD (EcoGenX) is a Saskatchewan based company that has the solution to the ever-growing amount of agricultural plastic waste. Their mission is to divert as much plastic waste as possible and recycle it into new materials. EcoGenX is responsible for diverting 4 million pounds of single-use plastic waste from landfills since March 2017. The grain bag pick-up program offered by EcoGenX allows farmers the opportunity to properly recycle their single-use plastic waste in a safe and convenient manner without the tedious task of doing it themselves. Some farmers may not have the means to clean and roll the bags themselves therefore illegal methods of disposal are implemented; such as burning or burying the grain bags which is harmful to the environment and can cost thousands of dollars in fines and environmental restoration fees.

On every grain bag sold in Saskatchewan, there is a non-refundable Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) where the farmer is charged $0.25 per kilogram of plastic sold. On a 10x400, 596-pound grain bag, that EFH works out to a $74.50 charge per grain bag that the farmer doesn’t get back. EcoGenX is proposing a new program that can allow the farmer to get 50-90% of their EHF deposit back, depending on the degree of service the farmer is requiring. The problem holding them back is that they need to become an approved program plan in order to implement the deposit refund program. The program proposed by EcoGenX benefits all parties involved as it provides farmers with the opportunity to get a percentage of their deposit back while creating jobs within Saskatchewan. They value the importance of stimulating the local economy and creating a circular economy for the life cycle of the grain bags.

We, the undersigned, support the proposed EcoGenX agricultural plastics recycling program and would like to have that program as an option when signing onto an approved program plan in Saskatchewan.

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