Irish Schools and Health System

In Irish schools eating disorders are rampant and nothing is being done about it.

Children at primary school age are falling prey to the sick perversion of the media and society in genaral which projects an image of thinness on the verge of emaciation and associates it with success and beauty. Weight loss is always rewarded and plastic surgery is a regular occurance.

We live in an image obsessed culture and its gonna be the children of the future that'll pay for it. I myself am a 14 year old Irish student who suffers from an eating disorder and have many friends with eating disorders. A friend of mine was in fact bulimic when we were in 4th, 5th and 6th class in primary.

Eating Disorders are deadly awful diseases and awareness needs to be raised to help school children to understand and prevent them. Thank you for your time and please sign.

We, the undersigned, hereby agree that Eating disorder awareness and prevention needs to be a mandatory part of the school curiculum in Ireland.

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