#Children's Rights
British Broadcasting Company

We are proud of the way the BBC has taken a stand to reflect our society in all its diversity in the past . We feel this is the right time for the BBC to show a large portion of our society that has been ignored for pretty much the entire history of broadcasting.

Women have fed their babies the normal way for ever , yet the british culture has sadly portrayed bottle feeding in every single section of the media and entertainment for so very long that bottle is now veiwed as the norm . It is not. It is in fact recognised as the forth best method of feeding an infant.

We would request that you consider making Heather a breastfeeder ,we dont ask any story changes at all , you dont even need to show her feeding , in fact we would prefer no dramatic storylines as that isn't how breastfeeding happens, its just a natural choice .

You could have Heather say " I'm going to lie down and feed the baby ", just show that she isn't spending hours at the sink washing and making bottles, let her be able to leave the flat in a minutes notice as all she has to do is grab a spare nappy go - in short Please BBC - Make Heather Trott a proud breastfeeding woman

Thank you for your consideration.

We, the undersigned, call on the BBC to make Heather Trott a proud breastfeeding woman.

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