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Honourable William Hague, British Foreign Secretary
United Kingdom

In recent years relations between Britain and Iran has deteriorated and finally the two countries have closed down their embassies. As a result, thousands of Iranians who have close family members in the UK and who used to obtain visas in Iran from the British Embassy in Tehran must travel to the neighbouring countries to apply.

This process usually takes two to three weeks during which they must stay in that country as their documents are kept by the Embassy before they are summoned for an interview. Many of these applicants are old parents and lack financial means to stay in hotels for such long period. Others cannot leave their jobs for long.

At present, ordinary Iranians are paying the high price of the Iranian regime's appalling behaviour and virtually deprived to visit the UK to see their loved ones.

We, the undersigned request that British Foreign Secretary and the Foreign Office to consider reviewing the current procedures and simplify visa procedures for Iranians.

We urge you to follow the US example where applicants fill in forms online and when summoned for the interview, they then travel to the third country.

Best Regards

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