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Due to the many bugs hampering Fifa 19 EA Sports should be held accountable for selling a product that isn't as described. EA Sports should therefore fix any issues in game or offer a full refund. Anytime contacting EA Sports technical help line you get re-directed (by a human) to their own Fifa forums to check for any updates due. There are known issues with this year's game and have been since the day it was released, forums are flooded with the same posts over and over and over again. As a customer is charged £70 for this product it should be in full working order, as it's not the customer should be offered a refund

EA Sports should therefore fix any issues immediately in game or offer a full refund. Asking full paying customers to wait for fixes for bugs is not a solution, this game comes around once a year and were 4-5 months into this year's game and it still doesn't work how it is sold

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