To have the science-fiction classic, Dune adapted for film again, and directed by Peter Jackson

Come on, you know it'd be good. I'm not saying replace David Lynch's 1984 classic, but that film was weird and changed loads of stuff.

I propose that a NEWER version of 'Dune' with CGI and sh*t should be adapted and be more true to the book because we're ready for it now. Especially because most people I know remember the 1984 film as that camp sci-fi flop with Sting. Drawing Sting away from Dune is a good thing.

Peter Jackson should do it aswell. He did LOTR and that was pretty cool, amirite?

Yeah. Good thing.

By signing this petition I agree, and support the notion that Peter Jackson should direct and maybe produce another film adaptation of Frank Herbert's 'Dune'.

I also agree that the David Lynch film is awesome but his trademark weirdness is all over it.

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