Our two Conservative MPs
United Kingdom

The Government is planning the biggest re-organisation of the NHS since it began in 1948.

Everyone wants to see the NHS improve but not at the expense of its founding principles - good patient care, free at the point of need, not the ability to pay.

As a growing new city we need a bigger, better health service. Not these controversial reforms.

The reforms are opposed by the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Nurses, the Patients Association and many other groups. Even some Conservative MPs are calling on the Government to drop the bill.

But this is bigger than party politics: it is about protecting our local health service and stopping the creeping privatization of the NHS.

Please add your voice to the campaign and help urge our two local Tory MPs to put MK first and drop the bill.


Andrew Pakes

Dear Iain and Mark

The Government's Health and Social Care Bill has been rejected by doctors, nurses, health care professionals and patients groups. We want to see better patient care and an improved NHS - but these costly reforms are not the way forward.

Please urge the Government to drop the bill. The reforms are unnecessary, costly and unwanted. Help us put the NHS first - free at the point of need, serving local people.

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