Parents/Teachers of Children currently attending Tolland Public Schools
United States of America

This petition is to suggest a change in the current dress code policy for Tolland Public Schools. Specifically items g, h, and i of Policy 5100. Read this policy in it's entirety at:
The current dress code only speaks of what is not allowed, and is difficult to enforce.

There has been a lot of supportive talk about having a defined dress code in Tolland, this petition is to let the Tolland Board of Education know exactly how much support there is one way or the other.

Please only sign the petition if you reside in Tolland, Connecticut, and have a child currently enrolled in Tolland Public Schools. Please also feel free to sign if you are a teacher in Tolland, and live in Tolland. (Even if you do not have children currently enrolled in the schools).

Please only sign the petition once.

We, the undersigned, call on the Tolland Board of Education, to revise Policy 5100 to include a specific dress code.

We are calling on the Tolland Board of Education to include specific clothing that may be worn and to make the appropriate changes to policy 5100 articles g,h,and i.

Additional language should be added to policy 5100 articles g,h,and i, to include specific clothing such as plain Polo style shirts, Khaki Pants/Capri's/Skirts or Bermuda length shorts as the acceptable attire for attending Tolland Public Schools.

We would like to see these changes be made effective immediately. If this is not conducive then said changes should be made effective for the 2008/2009 school year.

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