#Children's Rights
Autism is my Superpower
United States of America

Drake’s apology for autism joke is sadly incomplete. On the upside, they turned what could have been just another media shamewalk into a true example of learning from a mistake, and accepting responsibility with grace. Did they? It takes a man to apologize for making a mistake. However, there's a difference between apology and making amends. It is not like this statement was just said out loud. It was recorded on an album that went though many people who heard these offensive lyrics, yet no took pause to raise up and say no, bad idea.

Facebook shows Drake to have 32 million followers, a net worth of 35 million dollars. These lyrics not only hurt people who must live through and with Autism, but it also influences more negative stigma these people (especially children) don't deserve. Drake, you influence millions of people, it is your responsibility to influence them correctly.

Take responsibility for your actions and use your influence to benefit the community you damaged with your hurtful and thoughtless lyrics on a song that could have been avoided.

We, the undersigned, ask on Rapper Drake to put on a benefit concert for Autism Awareness and Education. All proceeds earned should go to a reputable organization of Autism.

Choice of Autism charity is for you to decide. Forgiveness is easy and with people who deal with Autism, it's almost automatic. Help them through.

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