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20th Century Fox, Jim Gianopulos, Stacey Snider

With the resurgence of the popular anime series Dragon Ball after more than 15 years of worldwide exposure, I feel that it's time for a live-action Dragon Ball movie that fully encapsulates the epic nature of the franchise.

Dragon Ball has a lot to offer its audience: scenic locations, iconic moments, dynamic characters and heart-pounding action scenes. As I said before, it's longevity means that it will have a wide audience appeal, with children right though to 30-somethings wanting to see characters they were in awe of just through drawings personified as flesh-and-blood.

The diversity of the characters would also open up acting opportunities for a more ethnic cast, such as Asians, Pacific Islanders and American Natives. Who wouldn't want to see Sonny Chiba as Muten Roshi, or Emma Stone as Bulma?

We've already received confirmation of a Ghost in the Shell movie and there's been plenty of talk about a Death Note remake, so it seems only natural that Dragon Ball join the ranks and help promote the subgenre of anime-based movies.

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