Customers of the Gilcrease Post Office in Tulsa, OK, politicians, and the local community
United States of America

The US Postal Service believes it will save money and make America's mail service more efficient if they implement a plan they devised to close and consolidate some of their facilities.

This includes their mail processing centers and also small branches and stations. The result will be reduced customer service and delays in your mail. This is being done nationwide and the effects could be devastating.

Recently, a rumor circulated that the Gilcrease Post Office was slated for possible closing. If so, it will be combined with the Downtown Tulsa Post Office and all the customers who use the Gilcrease office now would have to go all the way downtown to pick up parcels, certified letters and registered mail. Many of the residents of this community are senior citizens, black, hispanic, homeless and poor. They don't have the means to go anywhere else to get mail service, and the Postal Service is not even going to give the community any opportunity for input while they make the decision.

Their plan for this community is to leave the PO Box section at the current location and move everything else downtown. Eventually, they also plan to remove all stamp machines and as stated above, if any customer has mail to pick up, they will have to go downtown to do so.

The Postal Service was never intended to be a profitable business. It's mission is to bind the nation together through written correspondence....and provide "universal" mail service for everybody.

Closing and consolidating completely contradicts this mission and should be stopped.

We, the undersigned citizens of the community surrounding the Gilcrease Post Office, believe we have the right to have decent mail service. We believe the Postal Service should be held accountable for their actions and must seek and consider our input before reducing services or closing and consolidating our mail facility.

We OPPOSE closing the Gilcrease station and providing reduced services.

We SUPPORT our local post office and want to keep our mail service in our own community.

We SUPPORT providing additional services such as a full service retail window unit so we have access to all the same services and products provided for everyone else.

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