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Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Brains... Don't break up the crew!

Nate: Alright guys, this is Ted Turner, owner of the TNT Cable Network.

Eliot: Oh yeah, I did a job for him, once.

Parker: What, like, on television? Was it a reality show? Did you have to eat a bug?

Eliot: What? No. Shut up.

Parker: Would you eat a bug? Like, right now. Because I saw this GIANT SPIDER in the other room...

Eliot: No, I'm not gonna eat a bug, Parker! Pay attention!

Hardison: Arachnid.

Parker: Gazuntite.

Hardison: No, a Spider is... you know what, nevermind, it's not even important.

Nate: Right. So. TNT is coming after us. Hard. They want to break us up, scatter us to the wind. They want to make sure we never work together again.

Sophie: But why? Is this Turner fellow involved with someone we took down?

Nate: Well, right now we don't have the WHY, but we know HOW and WHEN. Basically, TNT is going to make sure our cons... our merry little Robin Hood adventures... well, they're going to make sure we're CANCELLED.

Eliot: Cancelled? Can they DO that?

Parker: What, like a reality show?

Eliot: Will you be quiet about that?!

Hardison: Hey, this Turner dude has some serious power, you know? Real JUICE. When he says someone or something is cancelled, they get cancelled, and they STAY cancelled.

Sophie: So it's completely hopeless? I'm not willing to believe that!

Nate: Few things in life are inescapable. There aren't many things that someone... a determined party... can't NEGOTIATE, right?

Hardison: So you're thinking...

Nate: Ah, he's on to it.

Parker: What? What are we thinking? Hold Turner down and fill his mouth with bugs?


Nate: No, we go VIRAL... stir up the populace... show them that there's something very bad going on and THEY are the only ones who can stop it...

Hardison: Petition?

Nate: Petition.

Sophie: Ahhh, of course. The "Spooner Street Take-Back". All you need for that is an internet presence... some word of mouth...

Hardison: And a Hell of a lot of ticked-off geeks.

Nate: Hardison, get on that petition, and don't fiddle with the numbers. This has to be legit.

Nate: Parker, you're on recon. Get this guy's date book, clone his PDA. Do whatever you have to, but find out where Turner is going to be for the next few weeks. Find out everything we'll need to know to put this thing directly in his hands. Passing the petition off to some underling is just going to get it tossed.

Nate: Eliot... when the time comes, you're going to make sure this thing gets into those hands. There's going to be a lot of ramped-up security. He knows what kind of war TNT has started.

Sophie: And me? What's my part in this?

Nate: Well, Sophie, you're TNT's newest market researcher, and you're going to work the room and figure out where they're getting their numbers. Someone's giving TNT higher-ups the impression we're... not POPULAR enough... that it's time to RETIRE us... and it's your job to neutralize that information and set it all straight.

Parker: Ooh! Ohh! Question.

Nate: Yes, Parker.

Parker: Do they actually HAVE any TNT there?

Eliot: Aw, jeeze.

Nate: Come on, gang.... Let's go steal ourselves a new season!


TNT recently cancelled Leverage. If you're a fan, tell them what you think! Sign this petition asking... no, DEMANDING... the continued adventures of everyone's favorite team!

Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Brains... and You!

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