Mayor and City Council of Rockford, IL
United States of America

We are petitioning the City of Rockford to reverse its threat to cut public library funding in next year's budget. Please sign below to let the Mayor and City Council know that you are against such cuts.

We the undersigned petition the Mayor and the City Council of Rockford, Illinois to reinstate the funding cut proposed for the Rockford Public Library in the City’s 2010 budget.

We understand that the proposed cut will pose serious threat to the level of service that the library has heretofore provided to the citizens of Rockford and that a compromise in service will bring direct consequences for the community.

The public library as an institution is a social and educational keystone in the structure of a community and we value the service it provides.

We are your constituents—those who have elected you as the stewards and caretakers of our city. We urge you to consider the lack of value that the proposed funding cuts place on the public library and re-align your stance by making a commitment to the continuation of the City’s traditional contribution to Rockford Public Library in 2010 and beyond.

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