Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
United States of America

California school's budgets are all being cut by $2.1 billion dollars.

One of two science courses that are required for high school graduation, are being cancelled.

Under performing schools are also being affected, having their special educational courses removed. Such as Test Prep.

Hundreds and thousands of teachers are being laid off, which is adding to the unemployment rates, despite President Obama's new stimulus jobs.

Music programs are being taken away in Elementary schools, taking away musical education in young children.

School years will be reduced by a week, and summer school will no longer be an option for recovering needed credits.

Dances, Marathons, and other activities are also being reduced due to the vacancy of money.

Kids should be able to experience all the educational and social experiences they are able to in their twelve years in school.

Why take that away?

Why take away life experiences from a child?

Sign this petition if you are against these cuts in the Educational budgets.

We, the citizens, call on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to revoke the budget cuts for California schools.

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