Dade County School Board
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Cypress Elementary is about to celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. However, instead of celebrating, students, teachers, and parents alike are worried that this will be their last year in their beloved school.

Cypress has been a "A" school since the "No Child Left Behind" was instituted. Cypress Elementary is a small, family oriented school that promotes not only the highest education available in a public school setting, but also a family, friendly atmosphere for our children and their parents.

With underacheiving schools all around us, one would think that our School Board would want to keep an "A" rated school open. This does not seem to be the case. With so many other options availble to the School Board why would they want or need to close down our school? Obviously, the School Board is not looking out for our children's best interest.

So, parents of children attending Cypress Elementary need to band together as the family we are and let the School Board know that we will not allow them to close our school. What will happen to our children when Cypress is no more? Well, they will end up in other, over populated schools, and possible underacheiving schools.

We need to let the School Board know that we will not allow this to happen to our children. Pleaes sign this petition in order to keep Cypress Elementary School Open. They deserve the best public education possible and that is at Cypress Elementary.

We, the undersigned, call on the Dade County School Board to keep Cypress Elementary open and not allow it to be closed.

"Keep your promise to our children".

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