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Dzambuling Imports, El Ceritto California
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Lhasa Beer USA imports 'Lhasa Beer' from a communist Chinese business (the Lhasa Brewing Company Limited) based in occupied Tibet, a nation which suffers the most appalling human rights abuses and suppression. Buying Lhasa Beer in the USA supports that company and allows it to expand its production inside occupied Tibet. China uses many forms of oppressing Tibetans, and making cheap alcohol widely available is one insidious method of undermining Tibetan culture. Lhasa Beer is part of that process.


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We oppose the importation, into California, of 'Lhasa Beer' which is produced by a communist Chinese company operating in Chinese occupied Tibet.

We are concerned that alcohol is promoted and manufactured as just one more method of oppressing and eroding Tibetan culture, a key objective of the communist Chinese authorities. We are also disturbed to note that the rates of alcoholism inside Tibet are increasing to worrying levels, as recorded by a number of studies conducted in 2003 and 2008 respectively.

That 'Lhasa Beer', as a leading industrial supplier of alcohol inside Tibet, is a major contributor to this troubling development is matter of grave concern.

We therefore call upon American importers, Lhasa Beer USA/Dzambuling Imports to urgently reassess its collaboration with the Lhasa Brewery Company Limited, which is controlled by communist China for the purposes of propaganda, see here.

While we recognize that Lhasa Beer USA claims to be offering a small percentage of its profits towards a Tibetan cause, this cannot address the widespread injustice, poverty and educational and employment apartheid imposed upon the Tibetan people. Many will question if this is a cynical marketing strategy, aimed to dilute and deflect any opposition which naturally flows from such a troubling partnership between a US company and a communist Chinese propaganda enterprise?

Furthermore, though Lhasa Beer USA claims to be sympathetic and supportive of the Tibetan cause, its website features no criticism of the causal factors of oppression and deprivation endured by Tibetans, namely the occupying communist Chinese regime.

We urge Lhasa Beer USA to provide a more accurate outline of the situation in Tibet, and if it's genuinely independent of communist Chinese control, to act ethically and responsibly by featuring on its website a factual description of life inside communist Chinese occupied Tibet.

As a gesture of solidarity with the Tibetan people, who continue to suffer a range of human rights violations and the brutal denial of their freedom, I shall not be purchasing Lhasa Beer and shall encourage others to boycott this shameful product.

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